BPC-8 - Control Surface

Control Surface


Summary Of Features

  • Ultra-affordable control for a single display device
  • Also allows control of source components and other devices
  • Compact design mounts in a single-gang wall box
  • Affords an attractive and professional appearance
  • Features large backlit buttons for easy control in any room
  • Affords super-intuitive operation for any user
  • Includes interchangeable button caps for flexible configuration
  • Allows customizable LED button feedback behavior
  • Supports up to 3 IR and 1 RS-232 devices [2]
  • Includes built-in IR library for simple out-of-the-box setup
  • Allows advanced configuration via easy-to-use software and IR learner/programmer [3]
  • Macros enable sophisticated functionality from a single button press
  • Enables user passcode protection and automatic projector shutdown