NEXO NXAMP - NXAMP4X4 Powered TDController

NXAMP4X4 Powered TDController


Among the most powerful amplifiers in the industry, the NXAMP4X4 integrates command, control, amplification and protection functions within a relatively light weight and space-saving 4U rack.

By combining realtime monitoring of temperature, voltage and current with powerful dual-DSP control, the NXAMP4X4 achieves exceptional performance with a high degree of protection for both amplifier and power supply, while simultaneously offering all control parameters required for the speakers.

The latest firmware load enables channel by channel preset selection for any speaker in the NEXO range. The result of a 2 year development programme, all presets have been revised using FIR filtering to ensure linear phase across any combination of NEXO cabinets, making it possible to mix and match cabinets in a single, coherent system. EtherSoundTM and DanteTM digital networking cards can be installed.

Latest generation 24-bit audio converters provide enhanced dynamic range with low latency (500us analogue input to output in ‘flat’ mode), eliminating the need for external A/D conversion. Improved power efficiency and decreased heat generation comes courtesy of four separate Switch Mode Power Supplies, which ensure high power capacity with low load drive. NEXO amplification technology delivers maximum efficiency in drive performance and power, while providing the audio quality of traditional class AB amplifiers with the heat dissipation of class D amplifiers. This results in a 50% reduction in power consumption, contributing to outstanding sound quality. Converters operate synchronised in the opposite phase, thus cancelling noise.

The NXAMP4X4 delivers 4 x 4000W into 2 Ohm loads, and is available in 110V, 220V and dual- voltage versions.