SoundStructure C Series - Audio Conference

Audio Conference

SoundStructure C Series

Some conference rooms require more audio capabilities than a standard conference phone or video system can provide.

For rooms of that nature, the Polycom SoundStructure C-Series is an installed audio solution that delivers a truly immersive audio experience for both voice and video conferences. Rely on it to provide high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room—from standard-size conference rooms and boardrooms to the largest training centers and classrooms.

And the SoundStructure C-Series delivers clear, immersive sound, so your video and voice conferences are more productive. The unmatched performance and clarity will delight meeting participants. And innovations in design and configuration help you set up the system in far less time than you might expect. SoundStructure C-Series also integrates easily with Polycom HDX and HDX Microphones, which leads to faster integration and better performance.

The SoundStructure C-Series offers:

  • The most powerful and flexible installed audio solutions available, delivering lifelike voice conferencing with no compromises
  • Easy installation and configuration, even for very large or complex systems with SoundStructure Studio configuration software and Polycom OBAM (one big audio matrix)
  • Seamless integration with Polycom HDX video solutions and HDX ceiling microphones